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Highest quality organic essential carrier oils blend has been the ONLY oil to work for our digestive issues 100% of the time. It is a mixture of seven potent oils specifically for digestive system issues and ailments.Have you noticed what number individuals say they need an organic process for Digestive problem? In keeping with the Harvard Health Publication, The Sensitive Gut, one in four individuals have frequent GI (GI) issues that may severely disrupt a standard modus Vivendi. Though massage therapists aren’t recruited to diagnose or treat medical conditions, incorporating aromatherapy into a bodywork session will soothe and even improve organic-pure essential oils process downside symptoms.Our organic essential oils have been recognized through research as powerful agents to help restore normal balance in the digestive system. Our digestive blend takes advantage of these well-established organic therapeutic compounds in a proprietary blend of pure organic essential oils. Each oils have specific attributes which add to the overall efficacy of this organic potent oil blend. When used internally, brings soothing digestive fast relief.  This organic oil blend will help relieve the pain quickly.If you can get relief in a smart way, so why you need to wait for another dangerous way?


essential oils



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Ingredients: Ginger, peppermint,fennel,lemongrass

For Aromatic, Internal and Topical use

Application: 3 times a day topical around navel,1 times a day in 2 drops in capsule, stress 5 times a day heads points.

All bottles are 10 ML

How much oil to use?

Only need 1-2 drops and cover a small area with the oils, let the skin absorb the oils no need to rub in. Just have oils cover most of the area of concern.

Head Points (forehead, behind ear lobes and back of neck both sides of spine)

CAUTION: Do not put oils in eyes, noise or ears, for sensitive skin use fractionated coconut oil to dilute.



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