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Our studies show that a part of the matter with all acute or chronic infections is that the formation of bio-film (a sticky shield) that the microorganism and fungi build to cover from our system thereby increasing antibiotic resistance. Most antibiotic treatments don’t penetrate bio-film that is created of polysaccharides (long chain sugars), super molecule and minerals. Antibiotics gift another drawback they’re not anti-viral. Essential oils are a unit terribly effective at dissolving bio-films and killing microbes. These powerful oils are unit veridical they are doing kill virus, and area unit capable of breaking down encompassing plaque. Essential Oils will resolve chronic or acute infections.They can penetrate this sticky den effectively and eliminate the microbes. Chronic Infections are not very easy to solve. But the using of pure organic essential oils result was surprising. Evidence is mounting that a variety of common germs long thought to cause only mild, short-lived illnesses such as the flu play a role in causing chronic health problems ranging from allergies, asthma and arthritis to obesity, heart disease and cancer. Long after one recovers from the microbe’s initial insult, viruses, bacteria and other germs silently chew away at the body’s tissues and organs, causing insidious, permanent damage, it is believed. So now you can solve your chronic problems, you just have to use our organic oils regularly as recommended. We have over thousands of nice feedback.

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Ingredients: Cinnamon, clary sage, oregano, myrrh, melaleuca, clove

For Topical use

Application: 2 times a day topical mix with coconut oil 1 teaspoon area of concern, 1timea day 2 drops in a capsule also recommend immune, stress blends.

All bottles are 10 ML

How much oil to use?

Only need 1-2 drops and cover a small area with the oils, let the skin absorb the oils no need to rub in. Just have oils cover most of the area of concern.

Head Points (forehead, behind ear lobes and back of neck both sides of spine)

CAUTION: Do not put oils in eyes, noise or ears, for sensitive skin use fractionated coconut oil to dilute.


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