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When the vitality of your blood circulation is lacking, your skin could be in but good condition, little lesions and wounds might also heal terribly slowly, you’ll feel the cold easier. The final tone, physical property and strength of your skin are bizarre. Poor circulation will have a range of causes, and though the symptomatic treatment of poor circulation is often useful, the cause ought to be determined and treated by your health practitioner. Various common ailments could contribute to reduced circulation, and traditional aging also can play a causative role. With this beat mind, we have a tendency to start to make a treatment oil to assist perk up your circulation and acquire it operating a little higher. We have created this mix commercially obtainable to chop out the unneeded price incurred by shopping for and mixing varied oils and the very fact that some folks don’t feel snug in mixing their own oils. It is possible to effectively improve circulation and proper circulation by using our organic oil products, normal blood circulation is vital for proper health. Many people who suffer from poor blood circulation also have a problem with dry and problem skin; we specially infused our blend of essential oil into moisturizing and richly nourishing oil. The carrier oils and essential oils in this blend have been carefully selected after due consideration was given to clients comments and suggestions. The blend is, in other words, the result of feedback given by clients and many years of research on what oils or combination of oils they find most effective. We think by using our organic products and by applying correctly you will assist your desired solution.  

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Ingredients: Cypress, ginger, thyme, marjoram, geranium, lavender

For topical use.

Application: 3 times a day topical are of concern, plus stress 5 times a day head points

All bottles are 10 ML

How much oil to use?

Only need 1-2 drops and cover a small area with the oils, let the skin absorb the oils no need to rub in. Just have oils cover most of the area of concern.

Head Points (forehead, behind ear lobes and back of neck both sides of spine)

CAUTION: Do not put oils in eyes, noise or ears, for sensitive skin use fractionated coconut oil to dilute.


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