Fat Burning Diet Plan For Weight Loss In Just 7 Days

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             Say Good Bye To The Fat !


Tired with your weight? We are offering you wonderful fat burning diet plans that ensures you a quick reduction in weight while maintaining the overall health.

For this diet plan you have to give your seven complete days, without mandatory limits. This diet plan helps you to lose weight quickly. I will be beneficial for removing the body impurities and providing the complete body comfort that make you feel lighter and healthier.

Here’s the seven day fat burning diet plan:

Day 1:

On the very first day you can take all sorts of fruit, except watermelon and banana.  Along with this, you can also intake tea and coffee (without sugar), but don’t intake soft drinks.

Day 2:

  •  On the second day intake the vegetable as you can (ordinary and cooked), you should take lots of leafy vegetables, but you should avoid taking corn & legumes.
  •  Consume large grain of potato grilled along with butter.
  •  On the second day avoid taking fruits.Healthy-vegetarian-diet

Day 3:

Eat what we have described in the first two days, but you are not permitted to eat potatoes.

Day 4:

  •  Eat bananas (approximately 8) with any amount of low fat milk.
  •  At this stage, your body will be in need of potassium, calcium and sugar. However, eating bananas and milk will reduce your desire to eat sugar.

Day 5:

  •  On the day five, you are permitted to take chicken and grilled fish. Additionally, you can take tomato paste or up to six tomatoes.
  •  Try to drink at least 4 glass of water to get rid of the body uric acid.

Day 6:

Start eating grilled potato because at this stage your body will need more protein.

Day 7:

Take brown rice along with fresh fruit juice (you can also take vegetable juice).

At the end of week your weight will be going to decrease from 4.5 to 5 kg’s, and if you lose more than it, you should probably take a two days break, before again starting this weight loss plan.








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