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Organic proprietary blend formulated to support healthy immune function, natural and effective alternative to synthetic OTC options for immune support with this unique aroma, is one of our most adaptable blends.. For aromatic, topical or dietary use.A strong system is our insurance permanently health, and it’s vital to tend thereto all year long. Within the fall, a powerful system response can facilitate to stop or minimize the symptoms of the colds and contagion that square measure thus prevailing now of the year. Dr.Mintz Nar, author of Medical Aromatherapy in USA, believes that supporting the system is one in all what essential oils do best. Jane Buckle, author of Clinical Aromatherapy, stated: “It has become evident that essential oils, each through topical application and inhalation, will completely impact the system by rising mood, increasing brain activity, and enhancing different biological functions vital to health and healing.” When mistreatment essential oils for the system, it’s believed to be higher to 1) use in one hundred and twenty fifth dilution 2) rotate the essential oils (using totally different ones for the constant state of affairs throughout the course of treatment).



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[/one_half_last] Ingredients: frankincense, melaleuca, oregano, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon

For Topical and Internal use.

Application: 3 times a day bottom of feet and thymus area topical, internal 1 time a day 3 drops in capsule, stress 5 times a day head points.

All bottles are 10 ML

How much oil to use?

Only need 1-2 drops and cover a small area with the oils, let the skin absorb the oils no need to rub in. Just have oils cover most of the area of concern.

Head Points (forehead, behind ear lobes and back of neck both sides of spine)

CAUTION: Do not put oils in eyes, noise or ears, for sensitive skin use fractionated coconut oil to dilute.


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