Sleep essential oil


This organic blend creates a subtle aroma ideal for aromatic diffusion and topical application. Applied to the bottom of the feet the forehead and the back of the neck at bedtime, is an excellent way to promote restful sleep.Emotional/mental problems do tend to be a main reason why folks have reedy minds and therefore expertise poor quality sleep. The kind of problems that area unit the more severe culprits are a unified person who tend to “move” the foremost, the air-element (vata) states like anxiety, worry and worry. Fire component (pita) states like anger, jealousy and frustration area unit a detailed second.The main variety of mental and physiological disturbances that may preclude sleep has the qualities of being cold, dry, lightweight and mobile. Thus, throughout the evenings before bed there is a unit many things that you simply will do to counteract this, and one in all them that addresses all four qualities is to massage yourself with a warming massage oil (anti-cold, dry, light) them with the oil still on you, ease into a hat (anti-cold) tub (anti-dry) in visible light (anti-intensity) in an exceedingly closed quiet toilet (anti-mobile). Add a few drops of organic pure essential oils to 100% overcome your sleeping problems. It has a great feedback score.



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[/one_half_last] Ingredients: Lavender, ylang-ylang, roman chamomile, vetiver, orange

For topical use

Application: Night time bottom of feet and head points (forehead, behind ear lobes and back of neck both sides of spine), stress.


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