You get 2 - 8 oz bottles

makes 2 gallons , drink 4 oz a day


A natural oxidant, Revive Redox Signaling Molecules helps improve the body's immune system functions, relieve respiratory issues, and speed up the healing of burns and wounds. Additionally, this unique product has anti-fungal properties that eliminate yeast infections and athlete's foot, giving you more energy and better health. Additionally, Revive is capable of removing disease-causing bacteria from hard surfaces, making it a versatile solution. Revive is unique in the market because it works with the body's biology. You can breathe easier, heal faster, and live healthier with Revive today!

      Customers and doctors have reported using it for

the following purposes:

Supports improved immune system functions

· Aids in misting to alleviate and overcome respiratory issues

· Assists in the healing of burns, wounds, and lesions

· Eliminates fungi, including yeast infections and athlete's foot

· Increases the body's energy levels

· Improves symptoms of various degenerative and chronic health problems

· Removes disease-causing bacteria from hard surfaces.



This product offers essential support for cellular communication, aids athletic performance, and amplifies the body's natural antioxidants by 500%.

It also promotes improved immune function and has been backed by both research and clinical studies. Additionally, it protects against harm from free radicals and is entirely native to the body. Its safety has been thoroughly demonstrated, with zero toxicity reported.

Also recommend Hand Sanitizer 

 You get 2 - 8 oz bottles

Revive vs As_MLM redox 

Makes 2 gallons for $100


4 - 32 oz bottles $145 + shipping


Mix 8 oz with distilled water.

drink 4 oz a day

Infection- 50/50 blend

Strep Throat,  3 sprays in mouth every hour.

Cuts apply to cuts and scapes for faster healing and stop infection


30/70 blend

Eyes, 1 drop in each eye in the morning and in the evening

 Nose, 1 drop in each nostril 

Ears, 1 drop in each ear morning and night

ear infection 1 drop every hour  

Skin, mist on skin area 

Micro Mister

4 oz to 30 oz of distilled water 

place close to the person to breathe while sleeping

Cold ,Flu, Virus


REVIVE  Redox Signaling Supplies Perfect Wellness Assistance

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ReVive Redox Signaling Molecules

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