Drs Choice Revitalizing Skin:  Sanitizer and Lotion

·      Family safe

·      Safe for hands, face, body

·      Softens skin and protects

·      Non-Toxic

·      Kills virus and fungus

·      UV Deterrent

·      Heals and protects


Softens and Sanitizes the skin

Through proper signaling this product provides the skin with natural ingredients to protect against bacteria’s, virus’s and fungus.


While it can also correct skin problems such as eczema and cracked skin - and to alleviate psoriasis symptoms.


Revitalizing Skin stabilizes the pH in the skin and is a strong UV Deterrent. 

This product can be used by ages 6 (six) months to adults. 


 Normal Price is $25

 2oz , 60 ml bottle with dropper

The ingredients are:

diethanolamine, sodium laurel ether sulfate, glycerin UPS, white petrolatum mineral oil, aloe vera, honey, milk base, citric acid, water d-limonene, coconut oil, Urea, Benzalconium Chloride

Also recommend  Immune Essential oil blend  

Redox Signaling Molecules Supplement 


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Revitalize lotion Sanitizer

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