Stress and its Effects

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The impacts of Stress on your physical and psychological health are much more fatal than you ever thought.
effects of Stress
Even though the sex hormones and the brain’s blueprint of a female provide a little protection from stress, women are more vulnerable to be intensely affected by stress, than the men. A woman’s response to stress is embedded in the chemistry of their body. Men possess high levels of androgen in their body, whereas women have high levels of estrogen, due to which they react in a dissimilar manner to the moments of stress than men. More often women tend to negotiate rather than fighting, at the time of severe stress.



Stress Physical Effects:

Stress on a human mind changes with time, but if you have prolonged durations of stress with your family, children, office, neighbor and marriage all at the same time, it’s a big deal to handle. Many changes occur to a female exposed to a huge increase in stress like; a sudden loss of their hairs, irregularities in the menstruation cycle etc.

The National Women’s Health Information Center has reported that the impact of stress on women’s physical and emotional fitness may range from severe headaches to petulant bowel disorders. Some stress effects are as follows:

  • Eating Disorders:

This effect is directly linked to low levels of serotonin hormone, just as in the case of depression. It is treated by the use of serotonin boosting antidepressant medicines.

  • Stomach Disorders:

Stress causes the desire to reach for junk food or even to distress your stomach to that point where you feel like you can’t eat anymore. Common stomach problems directly linked to stress are bloating, stomachache, cramps or even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Skin Reactions:

Stress may lead to prickly rashes or even skin breakouts and hives in some persons.

  • Emotional Imbalance:

The emotional health of a woman suffers heavily during stress in their life. It may range from irritable temper to serious issues of depression. Although women are more competent in concealing their stressful emotions of anger and aggression than men, they are struck by depression twice as often as men.

  • Sleep Disorders:

Sleeping troubles are the most common stress effects on women. It includes difficulties in falling or staying asleep which has an adverse effect in the stress management techniques. A good night’s sleep can help to ease the stress.

  • Danger of Heart Disease:

Today’s competitive world and its numerous stress causing moments have led to an increase in the women’s heart disease rate. Stress has a profound negative effect on the cardiac system of the human body and which escorts to diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and mostly heart attack.

Stress Management Techniques:

Leading a happy life with complete mental and physical well being should be the first preference of the modern generation rather than running in the blind race of earning money. Stress management strategies have been evolved to help pull out people from the everlasting well of stress. Some of them are:

  • Improve Diet:

Consuming a well balanced diet and avoiding junk food will greatly help to recover your physical fitness which in turn will help to attain superior mental and emotional health.

  • Yoga and Exercise:

Finding a little time for physical activities like yoga and exercises like running, swimming or even joining a gym are a phenomenal way to get rid of depression and stress. Yoga is proven technique for finding emotional balance and improving concentration abilities.

  • Recreational Ways:

Recent studies have proven that rediscovering your old hobbies and finding time for family reunion has a positive impact on the mind of a person. It is a fun way of stress management.







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