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Stress is a major factoring contributor to illness and disease, in fact, it is estimated that over 90% of all visits to health care professionals are related to stress. This organic blend composed of individual pure stress essential oils with known calming features which create a sense of calming,well-being and relaxation. This creates a subtle aroma ideal for aromatic diffusion or topical application. Applied to the bottom of the feet. A couple of drops added to a warm bath, creates the perfect relaxing escape with its calming, peaceful, renewing aroma.Though eucalyptus oil has most of the properties of a typical stress relief essential oils, it’s not extremely popular as AN aromatherapy oil as a result of very little was famed concerning it till recent centuries, instead of the a lot of ancient aromatherapy substance. The many health advantages of volatile oil have attracted the eye of the complete world, and it’s excited a good deal of exploration into its usage in aromatherapy still as in typical drugs. But by using our organic aromatherapy oils products take the healing power of massage to a whole new level. The essential oil blends in our massage oils have the power to restore mind, body, and spirit.

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Ingredients: Frankincense, lavender, lemon, bergamot geranium, ylangylang, patchouli

For Topical and Aromatic use

Application: 5 times a day heads points 2 times a day on bottom of feet.

All bottles are 10 ML

How much oil to use?

Only need 1-2 drops and cover a small area with the oils, let the skin absorb the oils no need to rub in. Just have oils cover most of the area of concern.

Head Points (forehead, behind ear lobes and back of neck both sides of spine)

CAUTION: Do not put oils in eyes, noise or ears, for sensitive skin use fractionated coconut oil to dilute.


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